Saturday, November 24, 2007

APPLE CUP 2007-Redemption

The FSN pre-game could've been the most pompous thing I have ever seen. "The Celebration of Battle" Oh dear god, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. and away we go!

So here comes the opening kickoff and…..


14:45 1st

Rankin runs right into my soul on the opening kickoff.

Washington 7 - Washington State 0

11:00 1st
We ran a toss on 3rd and 19 and now the Huskies are driving. I am Officially switching from beer to hard liquor. Tompkins just said the Huskies are "El Fuego". So Washington is Currently "The Fire"?

8:00 1st

I want to punch a child right now.
Washington 10 Washington State 0

6:30 1st
FSN gives us all hope by showing highlights from the '92 cup, possibly the greatest Apple Cup ever. and then.....Cougars forget to pick up the most gimmie fumble in football history and the Huskies get a 20 yard gain on the play.Come on Tequila kick in.

BTW, Did you know that Louis Rankin punches and kills cute little puppy dogs for fun?Just thought you should know.

1:04 1st
Beautiful pass and even better run by Frischknecht (pronounced Freek-a-leek bitches!) and we are back in this shit.
Washington 10 Washington State 7

end of 1st
Perhaps I was prematurely negative, but then again I do alot of things prematurely.
Washington 10 Washington State 7

12:53 2nd
Dear God, Please Kill Jake Locker
So, we let a guy with a messed up neck run untouched into the endzone....shit.
I just saw a sign that said "Welcome to the Locker Room" I guess thats fitting since naked men have been inside both..oh yes thats what it has come to.
Washington 17 Washington State 7
5:58 2nd

That just happened!
The craziest play I've ever seen in an Apple Cup sets up a great touchdown run by Ivory.
Uncomfortable Sideline Moment
Just before the touchdown, Jack "Throwin Samoan" Thompson was being interviewed on the sideline.He quipped that his favorite moment was sitting on the sideline with Levy at the '75 Cup and how they wanted to transfer to San Diego State.
Ahhhh memories...Have another drink Jack!
Washington 17 Washington State 14

:27 2nd
Freek-a-Leek Again!
Junior TE Frishknecht has 4 catches for 83 yards and 2 scores in the first half!I would name my first child after him if I could pronounce his name.
WASHINGTON STATE 21 Washington 20

We got a ballgame!
21-20 lead at half.
Frischknecht is coming out of his skin. I am crawling in to a bottle of Sauza.

9:11 3rd
Wheeeereee'd Whoooooo Gooooooo????
An absolutely gorgeous pass to Jeshua Anderson.
Washington State 28 Washington 20

5:00 3rd
Who had him?
Reece burns the Cougar secondary worse than Paris Hilton "burns" anyone she's ever slept with.
Huskies get the two.
Washington State 28- Washington 28

End of the 3rd
I may have a coronary.
Washington State 28 Washington 28

12:18 4th
A love story in the making
Tompkins just made a Dickensian reference in professing his love for Jake Locker.If Barry's head were any farther up Locker's ass he'd be calling plays for him.
Tompkins is buying a ring and Locker is picking out a china pattern.
Washington 35 Washington State 28

7:29 4th
Run Son Run
Gibson with possibly the greatest run after catch in Cup history!Washington State 35- Washington 35

2:18 4th
Cougars have the ball back
Are chest pains and a numb left arm a bad thing?
Washington State 35 – Washington 35

:40 4th
At the Husky 35
Oh My Gooooooddddd
Please just let me keep conciousness.

:31 4th
Wide open to Gibson and we got the lead
WASHINGTON STATE 42 Washington 35

Possibly the greatest Apple Cup I have ever seen.
I need a beer badly
Final Score
Washington State 42 Washington 35

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Anonymous said...

Well written! Had me laughing my ass off. Did you see the man-love going on in stands between the 2 shirtless mutt fans? It was ... uncomfortable.