Sunday, November 25, 2007

APPLE CUP 2007- The Hangover

And so it goes,

Again quite possibly the best Apple Cup ever has come to pass, with the Cougars winning number 100.

Alex Brink was again the quiet star. Throwing for 399 yards and Five TDs to become the first Cougar QB to win three Cups.

Of course yesterday's other breakout stars had to be Frishknecht and Gibson.

Freek-a-Leek wowed everybody in the 1st half and then Gibson brought it home when it counted. Thank god we'll have them both next year (well maybe, more on that in a moment).


Look I agree the guy is amazing, but it's getting a little ridiculous, especially after listening to Tompkins and Papadakis fellate him for four quarters yesterday.

But now the Cougs are chiming in.

linebacker Cory Evans: "He's bigger than I thought. He's faster than I thought. He's an athlete. To me, he could play any position on the field. I think he could throw it to himself and catch it if they'd let him."

Jesus, Did you buy him dinner first?

Bill "Prince of Poop Mountain" Doba: "Ever see him come around the corner?" "I'm not too sure I'd step in front of him. He's a big son of a gun."

Yeah bill, maybe if you'd got off your old ass and recruited, he'd be playing for us?


Wide receiver Brandon Gibson, who caught the tying and winning passes from Alex Brink, said he expects to be back for his senior season but will submit his name to the NFL draft. The NFL provides nonseniors with a projected round of where they would go in the draft.


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