Friday, November 30, 2007

There's a really great game tonight that you don't get to see.

"Your game film in advance"

The Cougars travel to Waco, Texas tonight for thier first major test of the year against Baylor.

The problem is ESPN is pulling the NFL Network card on us.

Tonights game, and Wednesday's potentially huge match-up between The Cougs and #19 Gonzaga, will be broadcast in ESPNU.

Thats right ESPNU, a channel that isn't carried by most major cable providers (ie Comcast), therefore, most folks wont have the option of watching these games at all.

It's all a ploy to try and strong arm said providers into adding the channel by showing more than just Lacrosse or whatever other mundance college sports they usually carry.

It's puzzling to me that a network who has bashed the NFL for thier exclusive games would effectively pull the same lame trick on us. (And this isn't just sour grapes, some major games throughout the country are getting the same treatment.)

And the shittiest part of it is, I'm totally gonna drink the Kool-Aid! I will be running out to find a bar with "The U" on Wednesday to watch the Cougs crush the Zag's. So in effect I am helping the problem.



Tuesday, November 27, 2007

R.I.P Tony Harris

I waited a few days to chat about this because I didn't want to start the site on a bummer note.

The first time I ever saw a Cougar basketball game in person, Tony was on the floor.

It was an amazing team in 1994, heading to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 11 years.

Thats when I started to live and breathe Cougars Basketball.

I won't get into any of the trashy speculation surrounding Tony's death.

I just want to pay tribute to a man who helped get me into College Basketball, which is now one of my top sports to watch.

My thoughts are with the Harris family

Alex Brink is good at football...sometimes.

Alex Brink was named the Pac-10 offensive
player of the week yesterday.

This comes after his 399-yard, five-touchdown passing performance in the Cougars' come-from-behind 42-35 win at Husky Stadium in Seattle on Saturday.

What a great way to finish it out for Brink, he had his troubles at times but I was always kind of inclined to root for the guy.

All time QB stats leader at the school, first with 3 Apple Cup wins, and this honor to end his career.

Can't help but tip my cap to that.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thank You Merciful God ITS OVER!!!!!!!

"Hello, and welcome to Walmart"
I can barely keep a smile off my face as I write this:


Oh sweet god thank you. It's been a long time coming.

What can you say? 30-29 record, the bad play calling, the lack of recruiting.

The official announcement is not until 4:30pm, but the worst thing I can say right now is Sterk made us wait this long.
Now look, don't gt me wrong, the guy was good as a D-coordinator, but not unlike Lloyd Carr at Michigan, the game plain passed him by.
Sounds like the entire staff will be let go and some will be re-interviewed, but folks it's time for a fresh set of minds here.
I am plan my extensive search for a new coach myself and will offer my humble opinions tomorrow.

Movin on Up!

The Cougars are now the Number 6 team in the nation in both polls.

The Cougs move up from 9th after three impressive victories over the weekend.

It is their highest ever ranking in either poll.

Heres the top Tens from Both:

UCLA (12)
North Carolina (13)
Memphis (5)
Kansas (1)
Washington St.
Texas A&M

Division I Polls
Division I Polls

AP Top 25
North Carolina (28)
UCLA (25)
Memphis (18)
Georgetown (1)
Washington St.
Texas A&M
Michigan St.

Cougs unafraid of big fancy jets and stuff

22 points from Talyor Rochestie and 19 more for Derrick Low (including 6 Three Pointers) proved too much for the 5-1 Air Force Falcons and the Cougars won thier sixth straight, 71-62.
Kyle Weaver added 15 of his own in the win.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cougars to Battle with The U.S. Military!


Ok so it's just a service academy, but the Falcons are 5-1 and could give us quite the test. I mean they're no Mississippi Valley State but.
Other pac-10 stuff today:
Arizona @ (4) Kansas- The Cats try to make a statement at Allen Fieldhouse, Look for dejected Jayhawk fans, still reeling from yesterday's beating at the hands of Mizzou, to find renewed spirit when Mark Mangino shows up and sits on Lute Olsen.
USC vs. (19) Southern Ill.- This is the championship of the Anahiem Classic so the Trojans will have a bit of the home court advantage, even though it's a "neutral site".
Could be a good chance for USC to reedem thier early stumbles, but not likely.
BTW- SIU's mascot is the Suluki which is a dog, now you know, whether you give a crap or not.
Portland @ Oregon State- OSU is picked to finish last in the Pac and Portland is a middle of the road WCC team so welcome to the battle of who gives a shit!

Washington Teams Can Win At Football-Update!

Huge I-AA Upset for the Eagles!

Matt Nicholls passed for 434 yards and Dale Morris ran for four touchdowns as Eastern Washington handed second-seeded McNeese State its first defeat of the year, 44-15, in a first-round playoff game Saturday.

Next up for EWU is Appalachian State (Yes that Appalachian State!).

Ap State is the two-time defending national champ and of course holds a special place in every Cougs heart after making the Wolverines sob uncontrollably into thier bowl of bitch flakes to start the year.

And with Montana getting shocked by Wofford yesterday, The Eagles are the only Big Sky team left in the running.


Central Washington rallied for 13 points in the final 3 minutes to stun the University of Nebraska at Omaha 20-17 in the NCAA Division II football playoffs on Saturday.

Central Washington's comeback sends the Wildcats (10-2) into the quarterfinals against two-time defending champion Grand Valley State.

Grand Valley State has no recent wins of major note but I am fairly sure they could beat Michigan as well.

Tomorrow could seal fate for Prince of Poop Mountain

"Lets hurry up and get outta here, Matlock's almost on!"

This from the Seattle Times this morning:
Jim Sterk, Washington State athletic director, says no decision has been made on whether Bill Doba will return as head coach at WSU.
Sterk said an announcement could come Monday, but said it might amount to a statement that the situation is still under review.
Oh dear god, please put us out of our misery Jim.
The story goes on to say:
Sterk acknowledged Saturday before kickoff that if a change is made, former Cougars coach Mike Price is a potential candidate.
While I think we do need a change, I'm not sure the original King of Poop Mountain is the answer, despite a glorious bowl game run in his first year, Price has done absolutely NOTHING at UTEP. He went 4-8 this year, which is, oh yeah, roughly a similar record to ours.
I will offer my top candidates later this week. But until then...
Read the full story here

APPLE CUP 2007- The Hangover

And so it goes,

Again quite possibly the best Apple Cup ever has come to pass, with the Cougars winning number 100.

Alex Brink was again the quiet star. Throwing for 399 yards and Five TDs to become the first Cougar QB to win three Cups.

Of course yesterday's other breakout stars had to be Frishknecht and Gibson.

Freek-a-Leek wowed everybody in the 1st half and then Gibson brought it home when it counted. Thank god we'll have them both next year (well maybe, more on that in a moment).


Look I agree the guy is amazing, but it's getting a little ridiculous, especially after listening to Tompkins and Papadakis fellate him for four quarters yesterday.

But now the Cougs are chiming in.

linebacker Cory Evans: "He's bigger than I thought. He's faster than I thought. He's an athlete. To me, he could play any position on the field. I think he could throw it to himself and catch it if they'd let him."

Jesus, Did you buy him dinner first?

Bill "Prince of Poop Mountain" Doba: "Ever see him come around the corner?" "I'm not too sure I'd step in front of him. He's a big son of a gun."

Yeah bill, maybe if you'd got off your old ass and recruited, he'd be playing for us?


Wide receiver Brandon Gibson, who caught the tying and winning passes from Alex Brink, said he expects to be back for his senior season but will submit his name to the NFL draft. The NFL provides nonseniors with a projected round of where they would go in the draft.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

APPLE CUP 2007-Redemption

The FSN pre-game could've been the most pompous thing I have ever seen. "The Celebration of Battle" Oh dear god, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. and away we go!

So here comes the opening kickoff and…..


14:45 1st

Rankin runs right into my soul on the opening kickoff.

Washington 7 - Washington State 0

11:00 1st
We ran a toss on 3rd and 19 and now the Huskies are driving. I am Officially switching from beer to hard liquor. Tompkins just said the Huskies are "El Fuego". So Washington is Currently "The Fire"?

8:00 1st

I want to punch a child right now.
Washington 10 Washington State 0

6:30 1st
FSN gives us all hope by showing highlights from the '92 cup, possibly the greatest Apple Cup ever. and then.....Cougars forget to pick up the most gimmie fumble in football history and the Huskies get a 20 yard gain on the play.Come on Tequila kick in.

BTW, Did you know that Louis Rankin punches and kills cute little puppy dogs for fun?Just thought you should know.

1:04 1st
Beautiful pass and even better run by Frischknecht (pronounced Freek-a-leek bitches!) and we are back in this shit.
Washington 10 Washington State 7

end of 1st
Perhaps I was prematurely negative, but then again I do alot of things prematurely.
Washington 10 Washington State 7

12:53 2nd
Dear God, Please Kill Jake Locker
So, we let a guy with a messed up neck run untouched into the endzone....shit.
I just saw a sign that said "Welcome to the Locker Room" I guess thats fitting since naked men have been inside both..oh yes thats what it has come to.
Washington 17 Washington State 7
5:58 2nd

That just happened!
The craziest play I've ever seen in an Apple Cup sets up a great touchdown run by Ivory.
Uncomfortable Sideline Moment
Just before the touchdown, Jack "Throwin Samoan" Thompson was being interviewed on the sideline.He quipped that his favorite moment was sitting on the sideline with Levy at the '75 Cup and how they wanted to transfer to San Diego State.
Ahhhh memories...Have another drink Jack!
Washington 17 Washington State 14

:27 2nd
Freek-a-Leek Again!
Junior TE Frishknecht has 4 catches for 83 yards and 2 scores in the first half!I would name my first child after him if I could pronounce his name.
WASHINGTON STATE 21 Washington 20

We got a ballgame!
21-20 lead at half.
Frischknecht is coming out of his skin. I am crawling in to a bottle of Sauza.

9:11 3rd
Wheeeereee'd Whoooooo Gooooooo????
An absolutely gorgeous pass to Jeshua Anderson.
Washington State 28 Washington 20

5:00 3rd
Who had him?
Reece burns the Cougar secondary worse than Paris Hilton "burns" anyone she's ever slept with.
Huskies get the two.
Washington State 28- Washington 28

End of the 3rd
I may have a coronary.
Washington State 28 Washington 28

12:18 4th
A love story in the making
Tompkins just made a Dickensian reference in professing his love for Jake Locker.If Barry's head were any farther up Locker's ass he'd be calling plays for him.
Tompkins is buying a ring and Locker is picking out a china pattern.
Washington 35 Washington State 28

7:29 4th
Run Son Run
Gibson with possibly the greatest run after catch in Cup history!Washington State 35- Washington 35

2:18 4th
Cougars have the ball back
Are chest pains and a numb left arm a bad thing?
Washington State 35 – Washington 35

:40 4th
At the Husky 35
Oh My Gooooooddddd
Please just let me keep conciousness.

:31 4th
Wide open to Gibson and we got the lead
WASHINGTON STATE 42 Washington 35

Possibly the greatest Apple Cup I have ever seen.
I need a beer badly
Final Score
Washington State 42 Washington 35

Is It Possible for Ducks to Cry?

UCLA 16-Oregon 0

Two weeks, two Quarterbacks with blown out knees. Bye Bye Rose Bowl.

I should feel bad for them but...umm...yeah I pretty much don't.

Cougs Beat Up A Bunch Of Hapless Rednecks

In a beating that resembled one of the better episodes of Cops.

The Cougs beat Mississippi Valley State 71-26 in Spokane at the Cougar Hispanic College Fund Classic.

I know you are not supposed to schedule anybody tough in your pre-season tourney, but this is friggin ridiculous!

Caleb Forrest scored a career high 13 points and Kyle Weaver added 13 of thier own.

It was Washington State's best defensive showing since holding Idaho to 23 points in 1948. The Cougars held MVSU to just nine points in the second half and 27.9 percent shooting.

I'll repeat that for you:


Next up is Air Force tomorrow.

Your Afternoon Pac Ten Update

Wow only three games on the docket today.

Stanford Vs. Notre Dame- The Fightin Harbaughs try to be the next haven't-beat-Notre-Dame-in-umpteen-years to do just that.

My Pick: Stanford 24 Notre Dame 17

Oregon Vs. UCLA- The Good News for the Ducks, with Arizona State's loss they will go to the Rose Bowl if they win out.

The Bad News- They have to try and do it behind Brady Leaf.

My Pick: Oregon 17 UCLA 6

and Finally

Wasington State vs. Washington- Well what can you say about this one. It's the only game that matters. And I will try and stay completely unbiased in my pick.

My Pick: Washington State 353 Washington -12

sorry, just couldn't do it.



Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

And it ain't over now. 'Cause when the goin' gets tough... the tough get goin'!

What the fuck happened to the Cougars I used to know? Where's the spirit? Where's the guts, huh? "Ooh, we're afraid to go with you Bluto, we might get in trouble." Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I'm not gonna take this.


Thats right folks, today is the day we end on a high note, stand up and shout it aloud.

Sure we've got an iffy quarterback, a swiss cheese defense and a coach who couldn't find a decent play if it were sitting on his face.



Other games to follow today:


#4 Missouri vs. #2 Kansas

You know how at the beginning of every year where we all get together, get REALLY drunk, raise our glasses and say THIS IS OUR YEAR, THIS IS WHEN EVERYONE FINDS OUT ABOUT US, THIS IS OUR CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON!

Students at the winner of this game will actually have some merit in those drunken ramblings.

(Personal Note: I am pulling for Mizzou simply beacuse Columbia is the coolest College Party Town this side of Pullman!)

Eastern Washington vs.McNeese State
NCAA I-AA (Don't you dare call it FCS) Playoffs.



Central Washington vs. Nebraska-Omaha

NCAA Division II Playoffs

OK, so you can't actually watch either game, and no one really cares about I-AA football, and care even less about D-2 Football. But it is still nice to see at least a couple local schools with a shot at a National Title!

Cougs survive scare from Backwoods Militia

"This is my PAIN FACE!"

Despite only leading by 2 at halftime, Wazzu held Montana to 39 percent from the floor and won 66-55 at the Cougar Hispanic College Fund Challenge.

Taylor Rochestie scored 17 off the bench and continues to become every Coug fan's hetero-mancrush.

Next up for the Cougs is Mississippi Valley State.

Fight Fight Fight for....

Hello and welcome to my Cougar Sports blog. This site is dedicated to my Favorite Sport, which is whatever sport the Cougars are playing that day.

I'll try and update as frequently as I can. I'm looking to kick it off with a live blog of the Apple Cup today.