Saturday, December 15, 2007

Now Thats what I call a Cougar Cruiser

Horizon is doin up it's planes to represent the four Northwest Schools. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.
Full Details Here

A Great Time To Be A Coug

Seriously, could it be a better time right now?

Well, not THE BEST time, I mean the Rose Bowl years and even last March were proably more special, but I have been a lover of potential.

First off, even though no one on the east coast knows it yet, the #6 Cougs are among the class in the country. I've been watching College Ball for a long time and It's been awahile since I've seen such a dfensive juggernaut, and after watching us be horrible for a long time it is soooo great to see us at the level we are at.

Then we turn to Football, after yet another dissapointing season, I finally got the Christmas present I'd been asking for, a new coach.

And it's the coach I have wanted for three years, Paul Wulff.

Seriously He's young, Hungry, A former Coug, and He's done great things at Eastern:

Two Conference Championships and Three Playoff appearences in the last Four Years.

Good times indeed.

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Group of Vikings can't stop a Drunk Austrailian on His Birthday.

OK so, I severely doubt Big Daddy was drunk during the game, but I'm sure with the combination of his 21st B-day and the fact that he starred once again, a fosters or two were tipped back last night.

Baynes had 23 and 9 rebounds to torch Portland State 72-60

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cougars battle YET ANOTHER Cupcake

I think we are all still reeling from last Wednesday's big win, in light of that we return home today to face Big Sky "Power" Portland State.
I am excited about this years squad as much as the next guy, but am I the only one that would have rather seen more than one ranked team in Non-Conference?
I understand that Pac-10 play is gonna be tough with UCLA, Oregon and the like. Hell even UW is looking decent.
It just sucks that the #8 team in the nation still isn't getting the respect it deserves. I can't help but think our schedule has something to do with that.
OK off the soapbox.
Look for more fantastic D from a fired up Cougar team and a big win today.

Football Award Time

Yeah yeah yeah Tim Tebow blah blah blah.

More importantly The Cougars gave out thier Team awards last night.

Heres the Results:

Laurie Niemi Award (Cougar Attitude) Chris Baltzer
Frank Butler Award (Cougar Spirit) Michael Bumpus
Fred Bohler Award (Cougar Inspiration) Jed Collins
Leon Bender Award (Defensive Lineman of the Year) Ropati Pitoitua
Mike Utley Award (Offensive Lineman of the Year) Bobby Byrd
Tim Petek Award (Strongest Man Award) Greg Trent and Matt Mullennix
Ozzie Dire Award (Scout Team Player of the Year) Michael Willis
Offensive Most Valuable Player Alex Brink
Defensive Most Valuable Player Husain Abdullah
Hammer Xavier Hicks

Cougs get some Andy Katz/ESPN love.

Busy week so I wasn't great about getting the posts up, but I have to say Wednesday proved a lot for this years Cougar team.

And I am not the only one that thinks so. columnist Andy Katz has a great article up about Wednesday nights game, and the evolution of the program, here

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Breaking down the rest of this years winners

OK, so with my soul successfully purged over DoucheBag McDrinkypants winning Coach of the year, (see previous post) I figure we chould breakdown the rest of this years winners.


Really can't argue with this one. He was obviously all that Oregon had going for it in 2007, lets just hope he heals up enough for the pros.


Again, extremely hard to argue with this one, USC's defense was unstoppable and you could have pretty much picked anyone from that side of the ball for the Trojans.

PAC-10 FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR- Jake Locker, QB, Washington

The hetero-man love continues for Locker. Somewhere Barry Tompkins is lying next to Locker in bed, stroking his hair and whispering "I'm proud of you, my little man"


Not gonna map them all out but:

1st team Offense:
Brandon Gibson

2nd team Offense:
Alex Brink
Jed Collins

No Defensive or Special Teams players to speak of, shocked? Me neither.

Worlds Most Overrated Coach Wins Award

Pac 10 awards came out yesterday and Dennis Erickson was named Coach of the Year.

Seriously, why do people continue to drink the Kool-aid (or whatever they may be drinking) with this guy.

Erickson has never put together a team of his own, he has only succeeded with teams he inherited.

Lets take a look at asswipe's career:

While there, he promised the fans of Wyoming a long tenure, then immediately accepted the head coaching job at Washington State. He left immediately in the middle of the night, not informing his players, and leaving thousands of angry fans who still hate him to this day.
(sound familiar Idaho fan?)
Hated in Laramie

Inherited Jim Walden's recruits
Went 9-3 in the 1988 season and leading the Cougars to a win in the Aloha Bowl.
Immediately left for Miami.
Hated in Pullman.

Miami 1989-94

Inherited Jimmy Johnson's team.

Won two national titles.

Wheels fell off in 93 and 94

Erickson bolts, team put on probation for numerous violations.
Hated in Miami

No players to inherit.
Does nothing of note.
Fired to bring in Mike Holgren.
Seattle is indifferent.

OREGON STATE 1999-2002
Inherits Mike Riley's Recruits (see a pattern here?)
Team goes to 2001 Fiesta Bowl
Wheels fall off the next season
Bolts for NFL.
His early departure left many OSU fans angry with him for betraying his contract. (again...pattern?)
Hated in Corvallis

San Francisco 49ers 2003-2004

Inherit's shitty team
They get even Shittier
Erickson is fired.
San Francisco Doesn't Notice

Idaho 2006
Inherits even shittier team
Promises to rebuild troubled program.
Goes 4-8.
Bolts after one year (sound familiar Wyoming?)
REALLY hated in Moscow.

Arizona State 2007-????

Inherits Dick Koetter's Team
Goes 10-2
Wins Pac-10 Coach of the year????

Seriously, has no one figured it out yet?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cougs all most get Burned in Waco (too soon?)

Despite being down 12 at the half, The cougs rallied to beat Baylor 67-64 last night.
Derrick Low was 1-for-8 before hitting two thre in the final 46 seconds to get the win.
Personally I am glad we got this scare out of the way before our hardest test yet on Wednesday.
Washington State is off to its best start since opening the 1991-92 season with 12 straight victories.