Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Worlds Most Overrated Coach Wins Award

Pac 10 awards came out yesterday and Dennis Erickson was named Coach of the Year.

Seriously, why do people continue to drink the Kool-aid (or whatever they may be drinking) with this guy.

Erickson has never put together a team of his own, he has only succeeded with teams he inherited.

Lets take a look at asswipe's career:

While there, he promised the fans of Wyoming a long tenure, then immediately accepted the head coaching job at Washington State. He left immediately in the middle of the night, not informing his players, and leaving thousands of angry fans who still hate him to this day.
(sound familiar Idaho fan?)
Hated in Laramie

Inherited Jim Walden's recruits
Went 9-3 in the 1988 season and leading the Cougars to a win in the Aloha Bowl.
Immediately left for Miami.
Hated in Pullman.

Miami 1989-94

Inherited Jimmy Johnson's team.

Won two national titles.

Wheels fell off in 93 and 94

Erickson bolts, team put on probation for numerous violations.
Hated in Miami

No players to inherit.
Does nothing of note.
Fired to bring in Mike Holgren.
Seattle is indifferent.

OREGON STATE 1999-2002
Inherits Mike Riley's Recruits (see a pattern here?)
Team goes to 2001 Fiesta Bowl
Wheels fall off the next season
Bolts for NFL.
His early departure left many OSU fans angry with him for betraying his contract. (again...pattern?)
Hated in Corvallis

San Francisco 49ers 2003-2004

Inherit's shitty team
They get even Shittier
Erickson is fired.
San Francisco Doesn't Notice

Idaho 2006
Inherits even shittier team
Promises to rebuild troubled program.
Goes 4-8.
Bolts after one year (sound familiar Wyoming?)
REALLY hated in Moscow.

Arizona State 2007-????

Inherits Dick Koetter's Team
Goes 10-2
Wins Pac-10 Coach of the year????

Seriously, has no one figured it out yet?

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