Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Great Time To Be A Coug

Seriously, could it be a better time right now?

Well, not THE BEST time, I mean the Rose Bowl years and even last March were proably more special, but I have been a lover of potential.

First off, even though no one on the east coast knows it yet, the #6 Cougs are among the class in the country. I've been watching College Ball for a long time and It's been awahile since I've seen such a dfensive juggernaut, and after watching us be horrible for a long time it is soooo great to see us at the level we are at.

Then we turn to Football, after yet another dissapointing season, I finally got the Christmas present I'd been asking for, a new coach.

And it's the coach I have wanted for three years, Paul Wulff.

Seriously He's young, Hungry, A former Coug, and He's done great things at Eastern:

Two Conference Championships and Three Playoff appearences in the last Four Years.

Good times indeed.

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