Sunday, January 13, 2008

Well Shit

Wunderkind Freshman Kevin Love scored 27 and 7 cougar 3-pointers in the last minute and a half was too little too late as the Cougs suffered thier first loss to FUCLA

Look, we all knew it was gonna happen (and I'm not the only one who figured yesterday would be the day we finally dropped one) but boy did we look bad in the first half.

The boys looked generally uninspired for the first 13 minutes or so, and gave up an insurmountable hill to climb.

But it's over, we got it out of the way, time to move on.

I wouldn't imagine us dropping any further than 8 or 9 tomorrow and ESPN still porjects us as a 2 seed in March so there ya go.

This week the Oregon Schools, including national tv on Sunday against the Ducks, a game I will take VERY PERSONALLY!

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